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Reptile Expo 101

Are you new to the world of reptile expos? Wanting to make sure you are prepared for your first ever WVRE? Well, you've come to the perfect place! We at the WVRE have put together this comprehensive guide of things to know before your visit! This list will grow and change over time as we do our best to prepare you for your visit to the WVRE!

A few pro-tips for our guests

Research, research, research! Basically what you're already doing now, great job! But what you also want to make sure to do, is consider researching what reptiles or exotics you're wanting to bring home from the WVRE. This helps you know how to properly house your new reptile, amphibian, etc in the best way possible! Achieving and maintaining the proper temperature gradients, lighting, humidity, and enclosure size is super important in ensuring both you and your new pet's relationship with each other is the most successful possible!

Be aware of the weather and plan accordingly! Animals, just like us, are sensitive to extremes in temperature. Some exotics, such as most amphibians and crested geckos, can't survive temps even in the high 90s. Be sure to account for this when getting an animal home from the WVRE! We recommend bringing a cooler in the summer months and preheating your car in the winter.

Bring cash -- some smaller vendors may not yet have a card reader, and bringing cash helps you avoid ATM fees. However, there is an ATM on site at both WVRE locations (Charleston and Huntington) if you need to use one, and many vendors do take a card, PayPal, Cashapp, etc

Collect business cards and get names! If you purchase an animal from a vendor at the WVRE, and you end up having questions about the animal later or you want to contact this vendor about a new animal or supplies, you will need to have their contact information to do so! We have many guests reach out to us trying to get a hold of a vendor but they do not know their name and cannot remember much about them - - this makes it very hard for us to help identify the vendor! The best thing to do is to collect business cards and chat with our lovely vendors so that you get to know them a little bit better, plus they have tons of expert knowledge to share!

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